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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Posted Apr 08, 2013
Written by Fran Zeman
Category General

Andy WarholIn the current buoyant collector market for cutting edge contemporary art, and the quest to find the next great “art star” we are reminded of Andy Warhol’s statement which was actually, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”.  I rather like to remind collectors of art and objects that buying without doing homework is risky at best. Unless you truly love what you are buying, do not rely on information created to market the product being sold.

This is a time when collectors think in terms of investment potential, turn-over and buying up. What one buys needs to have “good bones” and be should be able to sustain through time. But even considering an artist’s training, exhibition and history of gallery representation does not guarantee longevity and financial return.  Artists can enjoy a flurry of success followed by relative obscurity – there are legions of really good artists whose names are little or even no longer known, and whose often really good work product takes up space in storage. 

It takes a lot of effort to promote, make and sustain a market. Do your research and think of art as something to enjoy. Can we always suppose that fifteen minutes of fame is better than none?