Appraisal Resource Associates, Inc. (ARAI) is one of New York's premier professional appraisal firms. Qualified to appraise every type of personal property, we are experienced in appraisals of antiques, decorative arts, fine art, furniture, porcelain, silver and collectibles. Frances Zeman, FASA, President of ARAI, has been internationally recognized for her many professional contributions and for expertise within the field of appraising. Click here for more information about Appraisal Resource Associates, Inc.

Many Purposes. ARAI appraisals are recognized and accepted by all insurance companies, lending institutions, banks, courts and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We prepare appraisals for a variety of intended uses including insurance underwriting, damage and loss, estate planning and tax reporting, gift tax and charitable contributions, property distribution, mergers and acquisitions, loan collateral, and for personal use. Click here for more information about appraisals.

Contact Us for More Information. Use our appraisal inquiry, email, or talk with us directly during business hours at one of our various offices:

  • Brooklyn: 718-852-4961
  • Long Island: 516-326-2715
  • Portland, OR: 971-255-1057
  • San Francisco: 415-629-8520

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